Plans – Blueprints – and General Woodworking Information

Are You Planning:

  • – to build a shed, garage, chicken coop, or some other outdoor building?     (See the video below)
  • – to do some minor home renovations?
  • – to do some woodworking as a hobby?
  • – to get general woodworking information?
  • – to purchase woodworking tools for the job.

On this site you should find a number of ideas and tips for building many different kinds of woodworking projects and sheds, including links to find blueprints as well as tools for the job.  If you’re an experienced woodworker, you may not learn much that you don’t already know.  But if your quite new, you might find these ideas and tips helpful as you plan your projects.

  • What to build?
  • Where to build it?
  • How to build it?  are all part of the planning process.

Many of the answers can be found on this site. Why not build your own; shed, trellis, garden swing, dog house, chicken coop, some toys for the grand children,and countless other items?  It can be good for your health and well being, as well as  a great change from being cooped up in an office all day, or from some other unrelated job. Very little experience is necessary; Obtain a good blueprint, follow the directions, buy the materials and the tools that are necessary, and you’ll be surprised at what you can make or build.

Here’s a video of one of many ways to build a garden shed.

To help you plan and build any wood project or shed, several professional carpenters and woodworkers put together huge numbers of plans with blueprints, in fact,12,000 to 16,000 of them in downloadable bundles.  Just print out the ones you need.   They take up little room on your hard drive.

On the right side bar you should;  (a) Find links to a number of plan reviews, along with descriptions and comparisons, and how to order them, and (b) A list of articles with tips and steps to take to help you plan to build a shed, or one of many other woodworking projects.

I hope you’ll find these tips and ideas helpful as you dream, plan, and finally build that important wood project, be it a shed, a trellis, a book case, or one of thousands of other things made out of  wood.