About Me

I’m Angus and I set up this web site to give you an idea of some of the planning that could be done to build a garden shed. These same ideas can be applied to building not only a shed but many other woodworking projects, including home renovations.


On this site I have posted a number of articles on many of the steps and details that I considered important during the planning stage, when I built my last shed twelve years ago.

I build my first shed with a steel kit in the late 60’s. It was cheap and easy to
assemble on back end of my driveway.  About 35 years later I replaced it with
a wooden one in my back yard. I drew the plans and build the shed from scratch
after looking at a photo on a brochure.  It was a lot of fun and a nice change from
my job as a mechanic and small business owner.

I’m not a professional woodworker, but growing up on a farm during the depression
years of the 30’s in mid-western Ontario Canada, I learned a lot as a kid. Money
was scarce and anything that needed building, we did ourselves and all with basic
hand tools.

Today it’s a lot easier to build things out of wood with the variety of inexpensive power tools available to either buy or rent.  People with limited experience can quickly learn to do a professional job if they apply themselves.

If you are one of those with limited experience and would like to tackle building a shed or some other woodworking projects, give it a try, and you will learn a great deal.

On another page I reviewed several sites where you can purchase the huge bundle
of plans and blueprints at a very low price.  Buying the plans ahead of time can be
a great asset during the planning stage.

I can be contacted at angusm@shedplansandprojects.com