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Is Building a Garden Shed on Your List?

The first step in the whole building process is to spend some time, may be quite a lot of time in actual garden shed planning. It’s time well spent.

On this site I’ll post a number of shed building ideas to help you plan or consider before you make any purchases or before you put a shovel in the ground.

(There’s a video below showing one way of many, to build a shed.)

It’s winter here in the mid-latitudes, warmer weather is soon on the way, and the days are gradually getting longer.

Now is a good time to finish the planning and begin the building process before the snow flies and too cold to work outside.

A garden shed or some kind of storage building should last a long time. It is not something you would want to replace every few years or whenever new needs arise.

To help you plan, I posted the following questions; Nine of them; The ones I asked myself when I build my garden shed from scratch twelve years ago.

Why do you want to build a garden shed?
What do you plan to put in it or use it for?
Where would be the best place to build it?
How big should it be?
What shape or design would look best?
Can I build it myself or do I need to get someone else to build it?
Could it be built from scratch, or should I buy a kit?
Which is the cheapest way to build it, if money is a problem?
What are the benefits of getting shed building plans online?
(hardly available twelve years ago, and I didn’t even have a computer)

Here’s the video of one way to build a shed;   Looks easy.

I must say it was a lot of fun to build my garden shed and a nice change from my regular job as a mechanic and small business owner/operator.

I spend at least a year or so in planning because there was no rush. My rusty old steel shed still kept my garden tools and equipment dry.

I’ll go into more detail in garden shed planning from the questions above in the posts listed on the right sidebar. Just click on the post titles to get ideas to help your shed planning adventure, or click here to help you find a huge assortment of plans.

Where to Find Plans for Sheds

You can find hundreds of different plans for sheds as well as many thousands of other woodworking plans and blueprints all in a huge package online.

 If it’s plans for a garden shed, a storage shed, a garage, a chicken coop, a pole barn, or even a dog house, you should find a large assortment of them in that downloaded package or CD.

While driving along city streets and outlying roads, you may have seen many different designs of garden and storage sheds, garages, or other buildings so that you may have some idea of what kind of structure you would like to build or have built.

Here is a list of five benefits of what good plans for sheds can do for you.
1.  It can help to give you a better idea of exactly the kind of shed you’d like to build 
after examining so many different plans, even if you decide to buy a vinyl shed kit.
2.  Each of the shed blueprints come with detailed step by step instructions to make it 
easy for anyone with little building experience to follow.  This can help give you the 
confidence needed to attempt the building job. 
3.  Included with the blueprints is a list of all the suggested materials required.  That 
way you can scout the building supply stores to see what materials are available 
before you begin the project.
4.  After studying the list of materials and the price of each, you can easily estimate 
the cost of the project.  This can help you decide whether to build the shed from scratch 
or to simply buy a shed kit to save time.
5.  Since the huge package of downloadable woodworking plans and blueprints 
contains hundreds of plans for sheds, it also contains thousands of other woodworking 
plans to make or build in the future.   
The actual purpose of this web site is to help you make the best possible choice of any
woodworking project you plan to do, whether it’s building a shed or making a piece of furniture.  On the right sidebar is a list of topics that could help you make building decisions.
To learn where you can obtain the package of plans and blueprints, click on the bottom title
 Find Woodworking Project Ideas Online, or click here to examine several different products.

Consider Building A Shed Yourself

By building a shed yourself, craft, or create anything out of wood, you get many benefits, other than the main purpose of the project.   We could call them positive side effects.  Unlike many medical prescriptions which often come with a list of negative side effects, and some quite serious or even fatal.

I have listed five positive side effects of building a shed yourself instead of
getting someone else to build it for you. These can also apply to any woodworking
project you do in or around the home.

1. A change of normal activity. If your regular job is in an office, in a
classroom, or in any stressful situation, it can be quite relaxing to engage in
some woodworking project in the evening or weekends, even if you hardly feel up to
it. The old saying, “a change is as good as a rest” can still apply.

2. Get woodworking experience to tackle more difficult tasks in the future.  If
you are new to woodworking, you can start with a simple project and gradually
attempt more difficult ones.  However, if you decide to build a vinyl or steel shed
which comes with all the panels, hardware, and instructions, it would be quite easy
to assemble, so that the only woodworking required would be to construct the base.

3. Realize a cost savings. If you are trying to squeeze a garden shed out of an
already tight budget, then build it yourself to save on labour costs. You can
also search building supply stores for specials, and sale prices on materials of
your choice.

To build a shed you don’t have to purchase a lot of expensive tools.
Simply buy economy tools that you need for the job, and even some of those can be
bought at thrift shops or garage sales.

4. Good healthy exercise; If your Your job involves sitting most of the day,
then spending some time envenings and weekends building a shed can help to put
some of those seldom used muscles to work.

5..A sense of accomplishment;  It’s always lots of fun and a good feeling to be able
to build something useful which you and the rest of the family can enjoy. It’s
an activity inwhich even the whole family can get involved.

The biggest hurdle in building the garden shed or any other storage shed might be
the planning stage and to decide on the kind of building to construct. You can find
lots of pictures of sheds by browsing the internet. To help with the planning, I
would recommend that you look at several sites that offer 12500 to 16000 different
woodworking plans. They can be bought at a very low cost, downloaded to your
computer, and printed out as needed. Most of these packages contain blueprints
for well over a hundred different shed designs. This could be a great help in
deciding what to build. I wish this would have been available when I build my shed
eleven years ago. I might even have made a better choice.

You can find a review of some of those sites by clicking on Find Woodworking Project Ideas Online . at the bottom of the right sidebar.

The Cheapest Way to Build a Shed

What is the cheapest way to build a shed in my back yard without sacrificing quality?

If available money is not a problem or available time is, then this article might not apply to you.
You simply find a builder to build a shed for you.  Well, may be not quite that simple.

This question however, would only apply to you if available money was a real concern. Perhaps you  own a property and have rather tight going financially, but need a shed, or you just purchased a property and used most of your bottom dollars to make a down payment.  You would therefore want to build the shed the cheapest way possible and still look good.

There’s a video farther down on “How to Build a Cheap Shed Fast”

To build a shed the cheapest way, you need to consider several things such as;

  • Who’s going to build it?
  • What design and size of shed do you plan to build?
  • What kind of materials do you plan to use?

The first thing you might consider is to build the shed yourself and save on labor costs,even if you have little or no building experience. It doesn’t need to be quite as fancy and finished off as the interior of your home, but with a good set of plans you could learn and build as you go.

Building a back yard shed does not require a lot of expensive tools. The major tools required would probably be a small powered circular saw, a cordless drill, a hand saw, a measuring tape, a hammer, a square, and a set of screw drivers.  To use these tools, there are lots of You Tube videos available on the internet. In fact, you can find videos for almost every facet of shed building. Also, the people at building supply centers can give you a lot of advice.

The video below might give you a few ideas on building a shed as cheap as possible.

“How to Build a Cheap Shed Fast”

The main cost will depend on the design and size of the shed. Obviously, the bigger the shed, or the more elaborate the design, the more it will cost. These are some of the decisions you need to make during the planning process; needs vs cost.

As far as the cost of materials is concerned, there may not be a big difference between building a  shed from scratch or buying a shed kit. A shed kit comes with all the materials as well as the instructions and blueprints to assemble it. They are available at many building supply stores. The main advantage of kits is that the sheds are easy to build, particularly the steel and vinyl sheds that require few tools to assemble them. The wooden shed may require a little more work, but still easy to build.  One observation I have made is they tend to use rather cheap materials and rather light in   construction.

If you consider to build the a shed from scratch, and purchase your own materials, you will have a much greater variety of materials to choose from, as well as build it the way you want to.  At building supply stores you can get lots of ideas and sometimes special prices of materials on sale.  On the internet you can find, purchase, and download huge packages of woodworking plans which contain well over a hundred different shed plans for a very low cost. You can the study different plans, choose one, and simply print the instructions and blueprints.  You might just find that this the cheapest way to build a sturdy and good looking shed.

To sum things up, the cheapest way to build a shed is to build it yourself.  In doing so, consider all the options and do the arithmetic. You might end up building a shed from scratch or simply assembling it from a kit.   Actually some of the new vinyl sheds look pretty good.

Remember, building a shed yourself can be a lot of fun and a great experience.   It can also give you the confidence to tackle minor home renovations or other woodworking projects.

Build a Shed from Scratch or Kit

Here are some tips to help you decide which way to build a shed;  From scratch or from a kit

If you plan to build a garden shed from scratch, it’s not that difficult and it can be lots of fun.
It involves finding a set of plans, selecting and buying the materials, and then measuring,cutting  and fastening the pieces together to form a building.  Well, it’s not quite that simple, but still quite easy if you follow a good set of plans.

Some people might find it easier to simply purchase a shed kit, which comes with all the plans and pieces ready to put together. There are a number of different designs and sizes available in steel,vinyl, and wood.  Some are quite easy to assemble and others may require more skills.

How to decide which way to go means doing quite a bit of research. That’s what I did when I build my garden shed from scratch over ten years ago.  It replaced a small rusty, thirty rear old steel shed.  Vinyl or plastic sheds were just coming on the market at the turn of the century and I almost bought one, but then decided to build a wooden shed from scratch.  Being in a city, I thought it just looked better, and the cost was about the same.

After looking at a number of wooden sheds on display that were build from kits, I thought they looked rather cheaply made, and some after being outside for several years had sagging roof sheeting between rafters. Therefore, I wanted to select my own materials and build a stronger shed. So I opted to draw up my own plan and build a garden shed from scratch.

Here are some of the pro’s and con’s of building a garden shed from scratch vs.from a kit.

From Kits; The pro’s

1. It can be easy to build.  The detailed instructions and all the materials come with the kit
to make assembling easy and efficient.  If you don’t have the time to do the job yourself and
have to pay someone else to build it for you, the kits can be an overall cost saving.

2. The shed kits can be erected quickly because most of the materials are cut or made to size so that all the pieces fit together accurately. The vinyl and steel sheds come with interlocking side and roof panels making the job quite simple.

3. In recent years many new and interesting designs have become available to choose from.  Some of the vinyl sheds come with clear panels to make skylights and windows. Most of the vinyl sheds actually look quite attractive.

The con’s;

1. The wooden shed kits often use lower cost materials and wider stud and rafter spacing than what you would find in a set of blueprints from most shed plans, and therefore may not look as well build.

2. With shed kits you have little choice of materials used. This is probably good enough for
many sheds. But if the garden shed is close to your house or in an up-scale neighbourhood,  You may want to use better materials and a more attractive looking shed.

From scratch;  The pro’s;

1. This can be the cheapest way to build, particularly, if you build it yourself.  You can be very selective over the choice of materials and even buy some good used studs at a fraction of the cost if available. It is also easier to make slight design changes if building from scratch.

2. There are a huge variety of plans available on the internet that can be downloaded as a
bundle to your computer and may have between one and two hundred different shed plans to choose from. You can browse over the different plans, select your favourite one, print out the instructions and blueprints, and get to work.

The con’s;

1. It will take a little longer to build the shed, but if you have the time, it’s well worth it.

2. A few more skills may be required, but with a little effort and ingenuity you should have
very little difficulty.  If you are deciding whether to build a garden shed from scratch or kit, it be a great advantage to buy and download the bundle of shed and woodworking plans available from several sources on the internet.  It can give you a wide range of ideas during the planning stage, even if your final choice is a shed kit.

Build the Best Shed Foundation

All sheds, Garages, or storage buildings must be build on some kind of base, platform or foundation. The foundation must be strong enough to support the building and not allowed to gradually sink if ground is wet or to heave in winter if the frost gets below it.

Note – (There’s a Video farther down on this post)

To plan to build any kind of shed foundation you need to consider;
– The land form: is it level, sloping, sandy, solid clay?
– is it very wet or even flooded at times, or deep frost in winter?
– What is the building used for: light or heavy equipment storage?
– How large is the building? The larger the building, a stronger foundation is needed.
– Consider your budget without sacrificing quality.

The common types of foundations used are;
1.   Poured concrete: It’s a solid concrete wall on a footing under the perimeter of the building.
2.   A cement block: The blocks are placed on the concrete footing instead of poured concrete.
3   A concrete slab; usually poured on a gravel base and made the size of the shed dimensions.
4.   A pressure-treated lumber frame covered with sheets of heavy plywood.

Here are the details.

1. A poured concrete foundation wall is usually used for large buildings, the size of a car garage and larger.
The depth of the wall depends on the frost depth to prevent it from gradually lifting a bit over the years. To prevent
it from sinking, a wide footing of concrete is poured at the bottom of the trench first and after it’s hardened, the foundation wall is build on top.  Under the footing, it is best to first pour about 4 – 6 inches of gravel to help with drainage. The height of the wall should be at least six inches or higher above ground level.

2. If a cement-block foundation wall is built, a very strong footing has to be poured first to keep any blocks from sinking.  It must be quite a bit wider than the blocks as well as a little deeper to give it more strength.
Choosing between a cement block or solid concrete is a mater of preference and skill. Either one can support a large heavy structure. But for large buildings, the poured concrete might be cheaper.

3. A concrete slab can be poured to form the base of the shed or garage. The floor will be easy to keep clean and it can
also support a car or other heavy equipment. The base should first be dug out and filled with at least about six inches of gravel for good drainage.  This method is best if the surface is quite level. If there is a little slope, a partial foundation wall may have to be build. The slab should be at least 4 inches thick and above ground level. It’l sink a bit in time. The structure can then be build on top of the concrete slab.

4. A platform made of treated pressurized lumber might be the cheapest and simplest to build without the mess of concrete,
and is ideal for a garden shed. It can also be raised and adapted to slopes or uneven surfaces as well as sandy or wet areas.
If the ground is fairly solid clay and quite level you can simply lay doun a number of sidewalk slabs and build a framework of
2 x 6’s on top and cover it with 5/8″ or 3/4″ rough waterproof plywood. The garden shed or storage building can then be build on top.
On slopes or sandy and wet areas, you should dig holes under the corners, fill them with a little concrete or at least 6″ of
gravel or both, and install 6″x 6″ posts. Then attach the perimeter joists, level them up, and complete the platform.

Click on this video

Remember, if you build the shed from a kit, and the base is not included, or if you build the shed from scratch, you must first build
a platform or foundation.  Many shed building plans include methods to build the base, but many don,t, because there are so many different ways to build it. However, in most large bundles of woodworking plans, (the ones that contain 12,000 to 16,000 different plans with blueprints), an e-book showing how to build a number of different kinds of foundations is included. to get more
information, click here.



Garden Shed Designs – Tips To Choose

There are so many different kinds of garden shed designs on the market today so that it can    become quite difficult to choose what’s best.  The image in the header shows a number of different shed designs lined up at a Lowe’s building supply store; many shapes and sizes.

In choosing there are quite a number of factors to consider: everything from the size and shape of the yard, whether it’s in an urban or rural setting, what you plan to put in it or use it for, or simply your own preference.  You certainly don’t plan to replace the shed every few years. So you want to make the best decision.

I have listed five tips to consider. (not necessarily in order of importance)

1. What you think looks best.  It could be a square or rectangular building with a gable roof or a hip(barn style) roof, or even a diamond shaped structure to fit into a corner. This is basically a square shaped with one corner cut off to form an entrance.  Many people prefer a wooden shed assembled from a shed kit with all the plans and materials, but vinyl sheds with fancy designs are becoming quite popular as well.

2. How easy it is to assemble or experience required:  Both vinyl and steel sheds come with panels that interlock in such a way to make assembling quite easy. Many of the vinyl sheds have windows set in certain side panels and roof panels to give extra light in daytime.

3. The cost is a big factor for many people: particularly if you just scraped enough money together to make a down payment. The lowest cost shed is a steel shed and they’ve been around for a long time, but they can be awful noisy during a hail storm, and eventually the become rusty. 

The bigest cost savings is to build the shed yourself, and if you buy a wooden shed kit, it does not require a lot of experience to do a good job. All the directions and steps are clearly laid out along with the materials. Another way is to download the building plans of a large variety of sheds (over a hundred of them) for a small cost, select your own quality materials, and build the garden shed from scratch. It’s easier than you think.and the experience can be lots of fun.

4. The size and shape of your yard or garden as well as location of trees and shrubs could be
considered. If there is too little room for a normal size shed in your yard as in some crowded areas
of towns or cities, a small shed, a lean-to, or a narrow structure with a slant roof might be OK.
There are lots of different interesting designs to choose from.

5. What you actually plan to put in the shed or do with it.  Is it just storage space for gardening equipment? or, do you want some workshop space or a play area for the kids?  Perhaps the whole building is supposed to be a playhouse.  There are some really fancy ones among the vinyl sheds.

With all the many garden shed designs and available plans you should have no problem coming up with a shed that will look just great in your back yard.


Garden Shed Size

How Big Should I Build my Garden Shed?

If I’d want to add a garden shed to my back yard and decide how big it should be, my first thought would be, build it as big as you can. The size you plan to build it would depend on at least three factors; what you plan to put in it, what the local building regulations are, and what looks good in your back yard. You can probably think of some more, but these are the main ones.

What you plan to put in the shed after it’s built could depend on whether you have a garage to store some things or whether it would be the only outdoor storage building. If you have a large or double garage, there would probably fewer tools to be stored. However, it’s amazing how many things one accumulates as years go by.

The larger the yard, the greater the amount of gardening tools and equipment that would need to be stored.  If the back yard space is quite small as in some older and more crowded parts  of a city or town, then a small shed might be adequate.

In a city or town the allowable size would be subject to their building regulations.  In my city a garden shed can build without a permit if it,s under nine square meters (108 square feet).  For a larger structure I would require a building permit which would cost several hundred dollars. That’s why most people make it the maximum size or smaller and save the added permit expense. That information really should be considered quite early in your planning stage.  If you live in the suburbs with a large back yard and would like to have some workshop space as well, you might want to consider paying for a permit and make the shed a little larger.

Finally, you want the small garden shed or the large shed to look great in your back yard, and one you can be proud off.

Garden Shed Location

1-014Where’s the best place to build a garden shed on your property?

Basically there are two answers; the most convenient place and what looks best. What I did was look around the neighborhood to see where other people put their’s.

In our city, most people placed the shed at the back end of their property, just inside the property line. Others put it closer to the house depending on the depth of the back yard. I put mine, a steel shed, at the end of my driveway. This seemed most convenient at the time, five decades ago, because I had a corner lot with no garage, and yard space on three sides of the house. About twenty years later I moved it to the back end of the lot. The problem with that location was accessibility during the few winter months with a few feet of snow. Others have a single or double
garage so the snow blower, bikes, etc. could be conveniently stored there.

Some older more crowded neighborhoods have a very tiny back yard so that the driveway, if there is one, might be the only space left for a small shed.

The shape of your back yard, the slope if any, or even the desired location of a vegetable plot, may be another deciding factor. If you have a very deep back yard,
you may want the shed closer and the garden plot behind. Also, if you already have a detached garage, you will probably want the shed some distance away.

Another consideration is the design of the shed you plan to build. Some designs just look better in the corner of the lot, particularly if it’s a diamond shaped shed. But a shed with a sloping roof might look better next to a wall or another building.

Another deciding factor for shed location is the presence of trees and shrubs. If a shrub is too large to relocate, the shed would need to be placed in the most desirable
place. You would hardly cut down a tree that’s in the wrong place, unless it’s a very small one, but a shrub is easier to dig out and discard if its too big to save.

If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, or at least a “hello or a hand wave” relationship, it might be satisfying to get their input to your shed building plans. It could help to break down any barriers and make them feel good about you. Friendly neighbors can certainly
be an asset.

Build a Garden Shed! Five Tips

1-208When you are planning to build a garden shed, there are a number of things to consider.

You may have seen sheds that just didn’t look good in their back yards and seemed quite out of place. They are either too small, in need of repair or simply in the wrong place.

I had one of those at the end of my  driveway in a medium sized city.  It was a low cost steel shed and easy to assemble, but much too small. Eventually it became rusty, the sliding door wouldn’t close properly and the shed needed to be moved to a better location.  To solve the problems, I build a new garden shed; that was a decade ago before I had a computer.

To begin my planning, I looked at numerous garden sheds in the neighborhood and those at building supply stores, including brochures on numerous shed kits and tried to imagine how they would look in my back yard.  My planning could be boiled down to these five tips or steps.

1. Location;  I wanted the shed to be easily accessible to get garden tools in and out, and in a place that left me with a decent yard space, but within two feet of property lines to satisfy building codes. I also wanted the best looking side, usually the front of the shed, to face the driveway or street.  Another consideration was the layout of possible flower beds to blend in with the rest of the yard.

2. Size;  Sheds are often build too  small for all the tools and equipment to be stored.  So make it as big as you can without getting a building permit.  In my city the maximum size is nine square meters.  If larger, a building permit is needed.

3. Design (type or shape);  There are many different shapes and designs of garden sheds, and almost everyone has a different idea of what looks best. It should blend in well with the back yard as well as in the neighborhood.  It should also meet the needs for storage as well as a small workshop.  I also discussed my plans with some of my neighbors in order to get feedback. Good relations with neighbors, I believe is very important.

4. Materials and colors;  There are many kinds of building materials on the market; steel, wood, vinyl and asphalt (for shingles).  Even though there are a number of great looking vinyl sheds on the market today, a well designed wooden garden shed with with vinyl siding and asphalt roof can blend in well with the home and other buildings in the neighborhood.

5. The cost;  If cost is an issue, I found that the cheapest way was to build the shed from scratch; that is make or buy the blueprints, buy all the materials and build the shed yourself.  The next lowest cost is to buy a shed kit and erect it yourself and have friends help you where needed.

I found these five tips helpful in planning before I bought any materials or put a shovel in the ground.  Since I didn’t have a computer ten years ago and few garden shed plans and blueprints were available, I drew up my own plans from a photograph on a brochure after examining the measurements designs of different kinds of sheds.  I then went ahead and build a garden shed myself for a fraction of the cost of a shed kit plus my own choice of materials.

Today there are a number of excellent woodworking plans online that have blueprints and plans to build many different kinds of garden and storage sheds along with plans to make all kinds of furniture;  One of these is Teds Woodworking, with 16,000 different plans and blueprints.



Find Woodworking Project Ideas Online

Do you need shed plans or woodworking ideas to build a garden shed, a storage shed, or one of thousands of other interesting things from wood?    You can find a number of exciting on line plans on your computer.    Read on;   I have compared several below.

In recent years wood project plans have become quite plentifull on line.  They have migrated from books, brochures and magazines to computers.  Here are seven advantages of online plans.

  1.  Help with your initial planning;  Since there is such a great variety of different plans, you have a better chance of selecting exactly the kind of project you want to build  Some of the products have over one hundred different shed plans alone, from garden, storage, to dog houses.
  2.  Small storage space;  Imagine, 12,000 to 16,000 woodworking plans in a digital zipfile on your computer instead of scattered on shelves in books, magazines or loose pamphlets.
  3.  Easy to find and print;  The plans are well organized in zip files and come in bundles of around twenty different categories.  Each category has from over a hundred to nearly a thousand different project plans ready to retrieve and print.  You only have to print the particular plans you need for your project.
  4.  Very cost effective;  The cost of these products range from approximately $37 to $67, while their total value would run into thousands.
  5.  Contains a huge amount of information;  simple and thorough enough for both the beginner and the seasoned pro. Each set of project plans contains detailed diagrams, measurements, list of materials and fasteners, tools needed,and building instructions.
  6.  Immediate delivery of plans;  You can find, purchase and download to your desktop, and then print the plans with a few clicks of the mouse.
  7. Most products come with a sixty day money back guarantee; No questions asked. In fact you may even keep the product.  Hardly any are returned.  Its a small price to pay for something that’s worth thousands.

Don’t get fooled by the number of plans; 12,500 – 16,000, or by the cost, $37 – $67.  Examine each product and compare them and don’t overlook the bonuses they give.  Those alone have a huge value; many hundreds of dollars.   Several may offer discounts if you order right away.

All the products have been compiled by professional woodworkers or tradesmen.  They all have many years of experience and have helped many people solve their woodworking problems.  That’s why they can pack so much information in their on line products.  On their sales pages, you will also find great customer reviews.

If you plan to build anything out of wood, these downloadable shed plans and woodworking project ideas should be a must have.  They’re top notch and can be a tremendous help in both planning and building anything out of wood, even for years to come.


Below are reviews of four different woodworking project plans that can be purchased and downloaded in digital form.

A review of Teds Woodworking

If you’re looking for the best woodworking plans to help you build your garden or storage shed, this is it. This package of 16,000 downloadable files is tops.  It;s huge and covers every phase of woodworking.

Teds Woodworking is listed at the top under Home and Garden, found in the Clickbank

The package of woodworking plans has well over a hundred different kinds of shed plans from very small storage sheds, to garden sheds,chicken coops, and pole barns. The list is huge.

Each plan comes with detailed instructions and blueprints to make the job easy and minimize the chances of error.

Keep in mind, when your have completed one building project you’ll have the plans and
blueprints on your computer ready to print out and to tackle another woodworking project.

Remember, you’ll build confidence and experience as you go.

Here’s what you get in the huge downloadable woodworking package;

– 16,000+ woodworking plans with blueprints and instructions to build or make almost

 anything out of wood, and all aimed at both the beginner and the pro.

– Plans include everything from sheds to toys for children, and indoor and out door furniture.

– Sixty day no hassle money back guarantee.  Just in case your not satisfied.   It seldom happens.

– Bonuses worth many hundreds of dollars, which include;

– A DWD/CAD viewer, worth quite a bit.
– Access to over 150 different videos related to                                woodworking and building.
– Lifetime access; If you run into a particular problem, you can send a PM (private     message) and get a quick reply.

– A complete woodworking guide.
– A book on how to start a woodworking business.  Remember, many large industries had their beginnings in a garage or small workshop.

You can Click here to purchase this huge bundle of woodworking plans and blueprints. It’s made up of ten or so downloadable packages. Each package contains anywhere from almost one hundred to over a thousand different blueprints. It’s huge.


A review of My Shed Plans Elite

I purchased this product a short time ago and was absolutely amazed at the huge volume of woodworking plans and blueprints, all 12,500 of them. They are packaged and organized in eight different bundles with well over a thousand in some of them. It took quite a while to download these huge bundles.

  • There are plans and blueprints for way over a hundred different kinds of sheds along with a number of pole barns and chicken coops. I might add that many of the same plans are also included in the Teds Woodworking product.

My Shed Plans Elite digital downloads by Ryan Henderson include;

– At least 12,500 different woodworking plans with blueprints and detailed instructions  aimed at all levels of skills.

– Full color illustration in many of them.

– A large number of different shed designs along with thousands and thousands of indoor and outdoor furniture plans.

– Bonuses worth hundreds of dollars.

– A “How To Guide” for everything from dry walling, remodeling, home renovations, foundations, framing, roofing, doors, windows, to finish carpentry. 


– A sixty day no hassle money back guarantee. This product is so valuable that hardly anyone asks for a return.

Click on My Shed Plans Elite to learn much more about the woodworking plans and how to purchase the downloads.


A review of Woodworking 4 Home

This product includes;

  • 14,000 different woodworking plans, with complete blueprints.and diagrams
  • The detailed instructions are simple enough for the beginner as well as the pro.
  •  Emphasis on simplified instructions and designed to save both money and time.
  • The plans can be shipped to countries the world over.
  •  Lifetime membership is included.

Click the image or click here to go get more information.


A review of Idea Woodworking Plans”  (Now –

This product includes;

  •  Over 16,000 different plans and blueprints along with detailed material lists.
  • Designed for the beginner as well as the seasoned pro.
  •  Step by step guides for building many different kinds of furniture and buildings.
  • Emphasis on building your own furniture;  Save money and do a job like a pro.
  • Bonuses;  1000 how to videos;      1000 DYI videos
  •  Lifetime membership
  • A surprise bonus

Click the image or click here to get more detailed information