Garden Shed Designs – Tips To Choose

There are so many different kinds of garden shed designs on the market today so that it can    become quite difficult to choose what’s best.  The image in the header shows a number of different shed designs lined up at a Lowe’s building supply store; many shapes and sizes.

In choosing there are quite a number of factors to consider: everything from the size and shape of the yard, whether it’s in an urban or rural setting, what you plan to put in it or use it for, or simply your own preference.  You certainly don’t plan to replace the shed every few years. So you want to make the best decision.

I have listed five tips to consider. (not necessarily in order of importance)

1. What you think looks best.  It could be a square or rectangular building with a gable roof or a hip(barn style) roof, or even a diamond shaped structure to fit into a corner. This is basically a square shaped with one corner cut off to form an entrance.  Many people prefer a wooden shed assembled from a shed kit with all the plans and materials, but vinyl sheds with fancy designs are becoming quite popular as well.

2. How easy it is to assemble or experience required:  Both vinyl and steel sheds come with panels that interlock in such a way to make assembling quite easy. Many of the vinyl sheds have windows set in certain side panels and roof panels to give extra light in daytime.

3. The cost is a big factor for many people: particularly if you just scraped enough money together to make a down payment. The lowest cost shed is a steel shed and they’ve been around for a long time, but they can be awful noisy during a hail storm, and eventually the become rusty. 

The bigest cost savings is to build the shed yourself, and if you buy a wooden shed kit, it does not require a lot of experience to do a good job. All the directions and steps are clearly laid out along with the materials. Another way is to download the building plans of a large variety of sheds (over a hundred of them) for a small cost, select your own quality materials, and build the garden shed from scratch. It’s easier than you think.and the experience can be lots of fun.

4. The size and shape of your yard or garden as well as location of trees and shrubs could be
considered. If there is too little room for a normal size shed in your yard as in some crowded areas
of towns or cities, a small shed, a lean-to, or a narrow structure with a slant roof might be OK.
There are lots of different interesting designs to choose from.

5. What you actually plan to put in the shed or do with it.  Is it just storage space for gardening equipment? or, do you want some workshop space or a play area for the kids?  Perhaps the whole building is supposed to be a playhouse.  There are some really fancy ones among the vinyl sheds.

With all the many garden shed designs and available plans you should have no problem coming up with a shed that will look just great in your back yard.


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