Garden Shed Size

How Big Should I Build my Garden Shed?

If I’d want to add a garden shed to my back yard and decide how big it should be, my first thought would be, build it as big as you can. The size you plan to build it would depend on at least three factors; what you plan to put in it, what the local building regulations are, and what looks good in your back yard. You can probably think of some more, but these are the main ones.

What you plan to put in the shed after it’s built could depend on whether you have a garage to store some things or whether it would be the only outdoor storage building. If you have a large or double garage, there would probably fewer tools to be stored. However, it’s amazing how many things one accumulates as years go by.

The larger the yard, the greater the amount of gardening tools and equipment that would need to be stored.  If the back yard space is quite small as in some older and more crowded parts  of a city or town, then a small shed might be adequate.

In a city or town the allowable size would be subject to their building regulations.  In my city a garden shed can build without a permit if it,s under nine square meters (108 square feet).  For a larger structure I would require a building permit which would cost several hundred dollars. That’s why most people make it the maximum size or smaller and save the added permit expense. That information really should be considered quite early in your planning stage.  If you live in the suburbs with a large back yard and would like to have some workshop space as well, you might want to consider paying for a permit and make the shed a little larger.

Finally, you want the small garden shed or the large shed to look great in your back yard, and one you can be proud off.