Is Building a Garden Shed on Your List?

The first step in the whole building process is to spend some time, may be quite a lot of time in actual garden shed planning. It’s time well spent.

On this site I’ll post a number of shed building ideas to help you plan or consider before you make any purchases or before you put a shovel in the ground.

(There’s a video below showing one way of many, to build a shed.)

It’s winter here in the mid-latitudes, warmer weather is soon on the way, and the days are gradually getting longer.

Now is a good time to finish the planning and begin the building process before the snow flies and too cold to work outside.

A garden shed or some kind of storage building should last a long time. It is not something you would want to replace every few years or whenever new needs arise.

To help you plan, I posted the following questions; Nine of them; The ones I asked myself when I build my garden shed from scratch twelve years ago.

Why do you want to build a garden shed?
What do you plan to put in it or use it for?
Where would be the best place to build it?
How big should it be?
What shape or design would look best?
Can I build it myself or do I need to get someone else to build it?
Could it be built from scratch, or should I buy a kit?
Which is the cheapest way to build it, if money is a problem?
What are the benefits of getting shed building plans online?
(hardly available twelve years ago, and I didn’t even have a computer)

Here’s the video of one way to build a shed;   Looks easy.

I must say it was a lot of fun to build my garden shed and a nice change from my regular job as a mechanic and small business owner/operator.

I spend at least a year or so in planning because there was no rush. My rusty old steel shed still kept my garden tools and equipment dry.

I’ll go into more detail in garden shed planning from the questions above in the posts listed on the right sidebar. Just click on the post titles to get ideas to help your shed planning adventure, or click here to help you find a huge assortment of plans.