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Do you need shed plans or woodworking ideas to build a garden shed, a storage shed, or one of thousands of other interesting things from wood?    You can find a number of exciting on line plans on your computer.    Read on;   I have compared several below.

In recent years wood project plans have become quite plentifull on line.  They have migrated from books, brochures and magazines to computers.  Here are seven advantages of online plans.

  1.  Help with your initial planning;  Since there is such a great variety of different plans, you have a better chance of selecting exactly the kind of project you want to build  Some of the products have over one hundred different shed plans alone, from garden, storage, to dog houses.
  2.  Small storage space;  Imagine, 12,000 to 16,000 woodworking plans in a digital zipfile on your computer instead of scattered on shelves in books, magazines or loose pamphlets.
  3.  Easy to find and print;  The plans are well organized in zip files and come in bundles of around twenty different categories.  Each category has from over a hundred to nearly a thousand different project plans ready to retrieve and print.  You only have to print the particular plans you need for your project.
  4.  Very cost effective;  The cost of these products range from approximately $37 to $67, while their total value would run into thousands.
  5.  Contains a huge amount of information;  simple and thorough enough for both the beginner and the seasoned pro. Each set of project plans contains detailed diagrams, measurements, list of materials and fasteners, tools needed,and building instructions.
  6.  Immediate delivery of plans;  You can find, purchase and download to your desktop, and then print the plans with a few clicks of the mouse.
  7. Most products come with a sixty day money back guarantee; No questions asked. In fact you may even keep the product.  Hardly any are returned.  Its a small price to pay for something that’s worth thousands.

Don’t get fooled by the number of plans; 12,500 – 16,000, or by the cost, $37 – $67.  Examine each product and compare them and don’t overlook the bonuses they give.  Those alone have a huge value; many hundreds of dollars.   Several may offer discounts if you order right away.

All the products have been compiled by professional woodworkers or tradesmen.  They all have many years of experience and have helped many people solve their woodworking problems.  That’s why they can pack so much information in their on line products.  On their sales pages, you will also find great customer reviews.

If you plan to build anything out of wood, these downloadable shed plans and woodworking project ideas should be a must have.  They’re top notch and can be a tremendous help in both planning and building anything out of wood, even for years to come.


Below are reviews of four different woodworking project plans that can be purchased and downloaded in digital form.

A review of Teds Woodworking

If you’re looking for the best woodworking plans to help you build your garden or storage shed, this is it. This package of 16,000 downloadable files is tops.  It;s huge and covers every phase of woodworking.

Teds Woodworking is listed at the top under Home and Garden, found in the Clickbank

The package of woodworking plans has well over a hundred different kinds of shed plans from very small storage sheds, to garden sheds,chicken coops, and pole barns. The list is huge.

Each plan comes with detailed instructions and blueprints to make the job easy and minimize the chances of error.

Keep in mind, when your have completed one building project you’ll have the plans and
blueprints on your computer ready to print out and to tackle another woodworking project.

Remember, you’ll build confidence and experience as you go.

Here’s what you get in the huge downloadable woodworking package;

– 16,000+ woodworking plans with blueprints and instructions to build or make almost

 anything out of wood, and all aimed at both the beginner and the pro.

– Plans include everything from sheds to toys for children, and indoor and out door furniture.

– Sixty day no hassle money back guarantee.  Just in case your not satisfied.   It seldom happens.

– Bonuses worth many hundreds of dollars, which include;

– A DWD/CAD viewer, worth quite a bit.
– Access to over 150 different videos related to                                woodworking and building.
– Lifetime access; If you run into a particular problem, you can send a PM (private     message) and get a quick reply.

– A complete woodworking guide.
– A book on how to start a woodworking business.  Remember, many large industries had their beginnings in a garage or small workshop.

You can Click here to purchase this huge bundle of woodworking plans and blueprints. It’s made up of ten or so downloadable packages. Each package contains anywhere from almost one hundred to over a thousand different blueprints. It’s huge.


A review of My Shed Plans Elite

I purchased this product a short time ago and was absolutely amazed at the huge volume of woodworking plans and blueprints, all 12,500 of them. They are packaged and organized in eight different bundles with well over a thousand in some of them. It took quite a while to download these huge bundles.

  • There are plans and blueprints for way over a hundred different kinds of sheds along with a number of pole barns and chicken coops. I might add that many of the same plans are also included in the Teds Woodworking product.

My Shed Plans Elite digital downloads by Ryan Henderson include;

– At least 12,500 different woodworking plans with blueprints and detailed instructions  aimed at all levels of skills.

– Full color illustration in many of them.

– A large number of different shed designs along with thousands and thousands of indoor and outdoor furniture plans.

– Bonuses worth hundreds of dollars.

– A “How To Guide” for everything from dry walling, remodeling, home renovations, foundations, framing, roofing, doors, windows, to finish carpentry. 


– A sixty day no hassle money back guarantee. This product is so valuable that hardly anyone asks for a return.

Click on My Shed Plans Elite to learn much more about the woodworking plans and how to purchase the downloads.


A review of Woodworking 4 Home

This product includes;

  • 14,000 different woodworking plans, with complete blueprints.and diagrams
  • The detailed instructions are simple enough for the beginner as well as the pro.
  •  Emphasis on simplified instructions and designed to save both money and time.
  • The plans can be shipped to countries the world over.
  •  Lifetime membership is included.

Click the image or click here to go get more information.


A review of Idea Woodworking Plans”  (Now –

This product includes;

  •  Over 16,000 different plans and blueprints along with detailed material lists.
  • Designed for the beginner as well as the seasoned pro.
  •  Step by step guides for building many different kinds of furniture and buildings.
  • Emphasis on building your own furniture;  Save money and do a job like a pro.
  • Bonuses;  1000 how to videos;      1000 DYI videos
  •  Lifetime membership
  • A surprise bonus

Click the image or click here to get more detailed information

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