The Cheapest Way to Build a Shed

What is the cheapest way to build a shed in my back yard without sacrificing quality?

If available money is not a problem or available time is, then this article might not apply to you.
You simply find a builder to build a shed for you.  Well, may be not quite that simple.

This question however, would only apply to you if available money was a real concern. Perhaps you  own a property and have rather tight going financially, but need a shed, or you just purchased a property and used most of your bottom dollars to make a down payment.  You would therefore want to build the shed the cheapest way possible and still look good.

There’s a video farther down on “How to Build a Cheap Shed Fast”

To build a shed the cheapest way, you need to consider several things such as;

  • Who’s going to build it?
  • What design and size of shed do you plan to build?
  • What kind of materials do you plan to use?

The first thing you might consider is to build the shed yourself and save on labor costs,even if you have little or no building experience. It doesn’t need to be quite as fancy and finished off as the interior of your home, but with a good set of plans you could learn and build as you go.

Building a back yard shed does not require a lot of expensive tools. The major tools required would probably be a small powered circular saw, a cordless drill, a hand saw, a measuring tape, a hammer, a square, and a set of screw drivers.  To use these tools, there are lots of You Tube videos available on the internet. In fact, you can find videos for almost every facet of shed building. Also, the people at building supply centers can give you a lot of advice.

The video below might give you a few ideas on building a shed as cheap as possible.

“How to Build a Cheap Shed Fast”

The main cost will depend on the design and size of the shed. Obviously, the bigger the shed, or the more elaborate the design, the more it will cost. These are some of the decisions you need to make during the planning process; needs vs cost.

As far as the cost of materials is concerned, there may not be a big difference between building a  shed from scratch or buying a shed kit. A shed kit comes with all the materials as well as the instructions and blueprints to assemble it. They are available at many building supply stores. The main advantage of kits is that the sheds are easy to build, particularly the steel and vinyl sheds that require few tools to assemble them. The wooden shed may require a little more work, but still easy to build.  One observation I have made is they tend to use rather cheap materials and rather light in   construction.

If you consider to build the a shed from scratch, and purchase your own materials, you will have a much greater variety of materials to choose from, as well as build it the way you want to.  At building supply stores you can get lots of ideas and sometimes special prices of materials on sale.  On the internet you can find, purchase, and download huge packages of woodworking plans which contain well over a hundred different shed plans for a very low cost. You can the study different plans, choose one, and simply print the instructions and blueprints.  You might just find that this the cheapest way to build a sturdy and good looking shed.

To sum things up, the cheapest way to build a shed is to build it yourself.  In doing so, consider all the options and do the arithmetic. You might end up building a shed from scratch or simply assembling it from a kit.   Actually some of the new vinyl sheds look pretty good.

Remember, building a shed yourself can be a lot of fun and a great experience.   It can also give you the confidence to tackle minor home renovations or other woodworking projects.

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